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Retail Services: Improve Customer Satisfaction and Boost Sales

A significant channel for offering product information to assist customers in making accelerated purchase decisions.

Customers are highly susceptible to online reviews. It is a valuable source of information regarding the product and the brand. 

Dental Reviews: Caring and experienced dental professionals
Dental Reviews: Monitor Patient Feedback with Propel's Review Widget

Functions as an Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM)

e-WOM contains four factors acting as a scale for customers: source credibility, volume, language and comprehension, and relevance. The factors are strong pillars that are necessary for a correct pre-purchasing research. 

Website Visitors Reading, Dental Reviews

Bridging the mismatch between customer expectations and product reality

Reviews let customers interact with the product visually and through the written statement. It is broadly influenced by: the overall product experience and the return policy. 

Dental reviews: Easily collect and monitor customers' feedback

Important implications for a number of management activities

Reviews create a “symmetric effect area” for competitors. It may intensify or weaken the product competition between two sellers. Online reviews also significantly impact the product sales and prove more consequential for high-quality sellers than for low-quality sellers. 

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