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Case Study: The Propel Effect at Boyle Energy!


Boyle Energy’s quest for a seamless review collection process led them to Propel. This transformative shift not only allowed them to focus intently on their core business operations but also resulted in a whopping 165% increase in online reviews, reinforcing their online reputation.


Boyle Energy, known for its high standards and committed services, was facing a common challenge: how to consistently collect and manage customer reviews without diverting attention from their core business activities. With the digital era putting customer reviews at the forefront of brand image, the company needed a solution that could efficiently streamline this process.


Boyle Energy excelled in service but struggled to mirror that excellence online. The significant manual effort required in soliciting reviews and feedback only exacerbated the problem. Additionally, their lack of a billing/scheduling software that could easily integrate with review platforms presented another hurdle. There was a pressing need for a holistic solution that would address both these challenges, ensuring that Boyle Energy’s online reputation was truly reflective of their offline commitment.


That’s when Boyle Energy turned to Propel. Here’s how the transformation unfolded:

  1. Automated Review Collection: Propel’s automation meant a hands-free approach for Boyle Energy. The system autonomously prompted customers for feedback, ensuring a steady stream of reviews without the manual chase.
  2. Instant Review Requests: As soon as a technician reported the completion of a service to the head office, customers promptly received a review request via both email and SMS through the Propel platform, accelerating feedback collection and emphasizing its immediacy.
  3. Zero Manual Efforts: With all processes set in Propel’s automation, Boyle Energy eliminated every bit of manual intervention earlier required in feedback collection and management.
  4. Custom Integration: Recognizing that Boyle Energy didn’t use a typical billing/scheduling software, Propel offered a custom integration, bridging the gap and ensuring that the process was seamless for the Boyle team.


With Propel on their side, Boyle Energy saw their online reputation skyrocket. They achieved zero manual efforts in review collection and management, freeing up time and resources to be invested where they matter the most – delivering unparalleled energy solutions.

Before PropelWith Propel
Nov 25th, 2022 to Mar 24th, 2023
Online Reviews received: 40
Mar 25th, 2023 to July 24th, 2023
Online Reviews received: 106
Increase from previous period: 165%


– In just 4 months since transitioning to Propel, out of a total of 2,134 website visitors, an impressive 23% (615) engaged with Propel widget. From those who engaged, a substantial 19.8% (122) took the proactive step of either calling or filling out forms, converting into valuable leads.


Propel has proven that the right technological intervention can not only streamline operations but can also elevate a brand’s online standing. For Boyle Energy, this meant an online reputation truly befitting their service excellence. Experience similar growth and efficiency for your business. Discover the full range of functionalities and integrations of Propel.

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