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Customers enjoying dining experience at the restaurant

Reviews provide greater autonomy to customers in decision-making

Reviews are used as social proof marketing which is trusted even more than the brand itself. Reviews back up the claim of serving great food by the restaurants. 

Dental Reviews: Caring and experienced dental professionals
Dental Reviews: Monitor Patient Feedback with Propel's Review Widget

Greater need for information regarding services than goods

Dining and Restaurant industry is diverse and often requires more information for customers to decide where they will extend their support. Potential customers are more willing to spend at an establishment with an overall good rating. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are online reviews beneficial for both parties?

According to a study conducted by Anderson and Magruder, reviews create a closer link between restaurants and customers. 

How impactful are negative reviews for restaurants?

22% of customers denied that they would prefer opting for service from a business with at least one negative review.

To what extent do online reviews impact diners and restaurants?

94% of diners in the US are directly affected by the online reviews, when customers are deciding on a restaurant.

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Tracking consumer opinions about restaurants

Reviews allow restaurants to track consumer opinion which is nearly impossible with only word-of-mouth. This makes reviews a double edged sword as restaurants can only dictate reviews with good experience. 

Dental reviews: Easily collect and monitor customers' feedback

Advantages of online reviews from customers’ viewpoint

Customers seek reduction in the risk factor through reviews. To not have a bad dining experience, they most certainly will regret the money spent. Reviews reduce the search time for a customer because places with no or negative reviews automatically turn into a big no-no.

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