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Effective Doctor-Patient Communication: Building Trust and Positive Outcomes

Dynamic role of reviews in patient acquisition and retention

Online reviews give patients the ability to make clear comparisons between physicians, healthcare brands and facilities before scheduling an appointment. Reviews tend to sooth down the decision related anxiety of patients and improve interaction between consumers and service providers. 

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Measure Patient Satisfaction and Reviews with Top-performing Staff

Transition from provider-focused to patient-focused marketing

This implies that multiple channels are used to serve patients and to obtain and maintain an overall positive review rating is essential. Reviews get patients. Patients are consumers and more consumers means a possibility of achieving an increase of 50% in net margin by providing a “superior” experience to patients.

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Adaption to the prevalent impact of online reviews by healthcare brands

Overall review rating and number of reviews stir a positive response in outpatient visits and vice versa. Also, Reviews given today help out future patients in making the choice. Meaning reviews are here to stay, getting good ones is hence very important.

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Diminishing imbalance between patients and healthcare facilities

Reviews tone down asymmetries on both sides- patients and physicians. For patients, it lets them acquire the needed information before making a commitment. For physicians, opportunity to improve the quality of service and to correct the problems.

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