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How Can Online Reviews Propel the Growth of Small Businesses?

In today’s digital-first world, customer reviews are the cornerstone of a business’s online reputation. A recent survey by Qualtrics XM Institute found that 93% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations(1). Businesses that effectively harness the potential of these reviews can substantially boost their visibility, reputation, and bottom line.

Amplifying Review Volume

Gathering more customer reviews can significantly improve a business’s online credibility. In a recent BrightLocal study, the average business appearing in Google’s Local Pack had around 81 reviews(2). Propel’s advanced automation features can amplify the volume of reviews your business collects. According to our data, clients using Propel experienced a 150% increase in review volume (read case study) compared to their previous platforms.

Improving Responsiveness

Responding promptly and effectively to customer reviews is integral to nurturing customer relationships. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that companies that respond to reviews tend to secure better ratings over time(3). With Propel, no review goes unanswered. By updating via email whenever a new review is received and integrating with OpenAI for suggested responses, Propel has been found to increase response time effectively, thereby enhancing customer engagement rates by up to 40%.

Increasing Efficiency

Time saved is money earned, and Propel’s automated review management can save businesses precious hours. Our internal data reveals that businesses can save up to 30 hours a month on review management when using automation, allowing them to divert their efforts towards other strategic areas.

Revamping Reputation Management

The digital age has made reputation management a high-stakes game. According to the Reputation Institute, a one-point increase in reputation score yields a 2.6% increase in market cap, highlighting its direct impact on a company’s financial performance(4). Propel’s automated sentiment analysis enables businesses to proactively respond to 90% of negative reviews within 24 hours, significantly improving their reputation management.

Fueling Business Growth
Propel’s review automation stands as a potent tool for driving business growth. Our data shows that businesses using Propel’s review automation witnessed an average 20% increase in online traffic and a 15% increase in sales.

Start leveraging the power of online reviews today.

In essence, Propel’s automation in review management is a powerful catalyst for businesses seeking growth. By leveraging Propel, businesses can significantly boost their review volume, improve responsiveness, enhance efficiency, and manage their reputation more effectively. Propel is not just a tool – it’s a strategic asset that can drive your business towards unparalleled success.


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