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Determine Top-performing Staff and Improve Hospitality Service Quality

Gaining control over the first impression of customers.

First impression is crucial for a hospitality business, online reviews help you control the impression to some extent. Missing this control can cause consequential harm to online reputation. Online reviews are a major source of success for hotel organizations as it allows hotels to reach out to a wider audience.

Hospitality Industry: Determine Top-performing Staff and Improve Service Quality
Manage your Hospitality Business

Exposure to the online conversation

Getting in touch with the reality of the conversation that surrounds your image and reputation online. It is also a more credible and user-oriented way of marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

On what grounds do customers give reviews?

Consumers rate on the basis of service’s utility and the level of benefit they receive from customers’ perspective. 

What is the impact of negative reviews?

More than three negative reviews in the search results can cause a decline of 59.2% in potential customers.

How many reviews are required for a customer to trust the overall rating?

A customer requires 40 reviews to form a solid outlook on the overall rating.

User-friendly Interface for Hospitality Business Owners

Consistent and recent reviews can impact the bottom line of the hospitality business

Online reviews increase your visibility within search results to potential customers. Another crucial factor is gaining insights about the perception customers have of competitors. 

Hospitality Industry: Utilize Reviews to Enhance Customer Experience

Transforming the consumer decision making process

An increase of a single star rating on Yelp can cause an increase of 5-9% in revenue. Potential customers look for valence, variance and volume of the reviews with valence holding the particular importance for business performance.

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