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Sick of Lousy SMS Review Requests? Here’s how to curate them better

Ah, the joys of running a business in the 21st century – there’s nothing like the thrill of sending out countless text messages begging customers for a review. “Can you leave us a 5-star review?” “We’d love your feedback!” “Your opinion matters to us!”

Sound familiar? Of course it does! Because every business under the sun is doing the exact same thing. So how do you make your review request stand out from the crowd and actually get those coveted stars? Easy – with a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor, of course!

Here are a few tips to make your review request texts memorable and effective:

Make it personal – Use your customer’s name, reference their recent purchase or interaction with your business. For example, “Hey [customer name], thanks for choosing us over those other guys. We really appreciate your business. Want to spread the love and give us a review? We promise to read it with a smile.

Get creative with the ask – Instead of just asking for a review, give them a reason why their opinion is so important to you. For example, “We’re on a mission to become the most reviewed business in town. Help us get there and leave us a review. We’ll even buy you a coffee next time you’re in!

Be playful and fun – Who says review requests have to be boring? Add some personality and humor to your text. For example, “Don’t be shy, leave us a review. We promise not to use it against you. (unless it’s glowing, then we’ll brag about it)”.

Offer incentives – Everyone loves a good deal. Offer your customers a discount, free gift, or exclusive offer for leaving a review. For example, “Your review is worth its weight in gold to us. Leave us one and we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase”.

Keep it short and sweet – Nobody wants to read a novel on their phone. Keep your text brief and to the point.

Here’s an example of a perfectly curated review request text:

“Hey [customer name], thanks for stopping by and trying out our [product/service]. We’re always looking for ways to improve, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Want to help us out and leave us a review? We’ll even throw in a free [offer] for your troubles. Thanks in advance!”

In conclusion, a well-crafted review request text can go a long way in getting customer reviews. So why not have some fun with it and make your business stand out? Your customers will thank you for the chuckle and you’ll thank yourself for the extra reviews. It’s a win-win situation!

Amit Desai

Marketing & communications professional with 25+ years of experience in product development and marketing, growth hacking, strategic marketing, consumer insight, brand & product strategy, interactive & digital marketing, creative development, public relations, media planning & buying, direct-marketing - across top FMCG / Consumer Durables / Retail and Financial Services Categories and Brands.

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